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Legal Translation

Legal translation is the process of translating exclusively legal documents such as contracts, agreements, certificates and other legal texts. Thus, legal translation must be accurate to avoid legal disputes, misunderstandings and misinterpretations.


Why is Lectio Translations crucial to your success?

At Lectio Translations, we meet the challenges of legal translation thanks to our

We have extensive experience in translating all types of legal texts. Experience makes perfect and is of paramount importance: all our associates have been tested repeatedly, including translators, reviewers, and multimedia technicians. Hence, they can provide excellent quality language services within the fastest time possible because they have the know-how as well as the necessary professionalism and consistency to faithfully translate and render any legal document in the field of legal translations. Since 1996, we have prepared legal translations for several local and foreign clients and secured long-term trust relationships.

Your needs, our priority

Language is fluid, and words can be used correctly in different ways. Each organization may have its own jargon that it wishes to be used in the entire organization, and at Lectio Translations, we are aware of that. We are willing and able to adapt our translations to the client’s style and learn their preferences and the vocabulary they use internally.

Flawless accuracy and meticulous preparation of your legal translation projects ensure perfect translation results. Based on the quality criteria we have established and applied at Lectio Translations, the quality assurance system guarantees absolute consistency and professional management of each project we undertake. Furthermore, we regularly evaluate the quality of our translators’ work and monitor our performance by actively seeking the opinion of our customers and partners to improve the most critical aspect of our business activity, i.e., customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to provide perfectly executed legal translation services that fully meet your needs. To this end, we only work with qualified translators, lawyers and editors with extensive experience translating legal texts and a thorough understanding of legal systems. Furthermore, all our partners work towards their native language in their linguistic areas of expertise, thus ensuring that particular terminology is rendered correctly and translations are read like original documents.

We know how important time is to you. That is why we make sure we meet the deadlines you set. If we set a deadline, we always strive to achieve the fastest turnaround times for your translation.

Meeting deadlines is not an easy task: the translator must be able to

1. Form a realistic estimate of their translation potential
2. Accurately estimate the time required for a given task.
3. Add a buffer time
4. Use every means available to reach this target (use CAT Tools, have an extensive terminology database accumulated from experience).
5. Stay focused and organized until the translation is finished, targeting a time before the set deadline.

Same day translation services

Thanks to our experience and expertise at Lectio Translations, we can respond even to emergencies when you desperately need a certified translation on the same day. So, in case of an emergency, please contact us. We will be more than happy to accommodate your emergency need.

At Lectio Translations, we respect the European Association for Legal Interpreters and Translators (EULITA) Code of Professional Ethics. According to it, “The professional ethics of legal interpreters and translators derive directly from the principles defined in the following sources. They demonstrate the key role of legal interpreters and legal translators in the search for truth and how their work may affect the life and rights of others”. At Lectio Translations, we also respect the EULITA Code of Professional Ethics regarding Impartiality and Confidentiality:


Legal interpreters and translators shall remain neutral and maintain impartiality, avoiding undue contact with witnesses, defendants and their families or members of the legal professions.  


The strictest secrecy shall bind legal interpreters and legal translators. Any information acquired during an interpretation or translation assignment for judicial purposes or its preparation shall be strictly confidential. Legal interpreters and translators shall refrain from deriving any personal or financial benefit from the information they have acquired during an interpreting or translation assignment for judicial purposes or its preparation.

We understand the confidential nature of legal translation, which is why we treat every document with absolute confidentiality. We sign a confidentiality agreement with our clients while binding all our external partners with a corresponding agreement. They are committed to observing confidentiality of the translation work they undertake so as not to share or disclose information concerning our clients.

With our almost 30 years of experience in language services, we are now a valuable partner and consultant to our clients in translation and other language services.
At Lectio Translations, we stay close to our customers, are always there to support them in all of their needs for language services, and respond to their queries regarding our language services long after our job is presumed to be finished.
Because we constantly monitor the international translation market, we keep up to date with new methods, translation tools and best practices. As a result, we can help our clients choose the best translation solution every time, saving them time and money.

Direct and Friendly Communication

At Lectio Translations, we answer your phone call or respond to your email immediately and discuss with you to understand your specific needs and help you find the best solution for your needs. While working for you, we are always available to make any necessary adjustments. Therefore, we remain at your disposal long after we have satisfied your requirement for language services in the best possible way.

Certified is the translation that bears the seal of a Certified Translator and is accepted by all Greek and Foreign authorities. Where required, a lawyer may also certify a translation.
At Lectio Translations, conveniently located at Psychiko, Athens, Greece, close to most of the foreign embassies in Greece and the centre of Athens, all your translations can be certified either by a qualified professional translator, holder of a Degree from the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting, of the Ionian University, the only University providing studies in translation and interpreting in Greece, and/or by a lawyer.

Proper Translation Is Outsourced To Professionals

Legal translation is a very demanding process that requires special skills. Therefore, professional translators have been trained in several topics, such as general information on legal issues, developing translation techniques, studying particular terminology, analyzing legal concepts, how to write legal texts, researching and finding reliable sources, etc., to convey the meaning of the legal texts as accurately as possible.

Professional legal translation by professional translators who

Qualifications of Professional Translators

Areas of Legal Translations Law

Official Translation of Legal Documents which may be Certified by a Lawyer in the following areas:

  • Civil Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Inheritance law
  • Tax Law
  • Family Law
  • International law
  • European Law
  • Commercial law
  • Property Law
  • Maritime Law
  • Criminal Law


We prepare legal translations for a variety of clients, including:

  • Individuals
  • Private and public entities
  • Lawyers and legal professionals
  • Law firms and law offices
  • Legal departments of major corporations

Types of Legal Translation Documents

Official Translation of Legal Documents with Certification by a Lawyer for the following types of documents:

  • Passports
  • Identity documents
  • Residence permits
  • Authorizations, Powers of Attorney
  • Greek public authority documents
  • Tax documents, AMKA, AMA
  • Retirement certificates
  • Proxy Forms
  • Contracts, Agreements, Recommendations
  • Minutes, Statutes, Regulations, Procedures
  • Board of Directors Minutes
  • Patents
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Trademarks
  • Lawsuits, Summonses
  • Petitions, Extrajudicial
  • Wills, Disclaimer wills
  • Litigation Support documents
  • Divorce papers
  • Criminal records
  • Notarization
  • Insurance contracts
  • Securities
  • Tax determination administrative acts
  • D.O.Y (Greek Internal Revenue Service) documentation
  • Receipts, Invoices
  • Balance sheets
  • Bank documents
  • Business budgets
  • Spreadsheets
  • Liquidating
  • Financial reports
  • Academic Diplomas
  • Graduations
  • Foreign language degrees
  • Master’s and Doctorate diplomas
  • Graduate theses
  • Detailed scores
  • CVs
  • Birth certificates
  • Certificates of marital status
  • Marriage certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Divorce certificates
  • Baptismal certificates
  • Certificates of current professional status
  • Greek Legislation
  • EU Legislation
  • Gazette (Government Gazette)

What is Legal Translation:

Legal translation is the process of translating legal documents such as contracts, agreements, certificates and other legal texts.

It goes without saying that legal translation is an extremely important part of the translation industry. Board of directors meeting minutes, certificates, meeting minutes and contracts are drafted in English or, if written in another language, they must be translated into the English language.

Therefore, it is crucial for legal translation to be accurate in order to avoid any legal disputes or misinterpretations.

As law is a culture-based field, the work of legal translation and its products deserve special attention.

Challenges of Legal Translation

We know how crucial it is for you to have excellent quality legal translations: any linguistic deviation from the source text can distort the content and lead to misinterpretation and thus jeopardize the credibility of the legal document with a risk of serious consequences for your reputation.

Peculiarities of Legal Translation

The translation of legal texts and documents is a very sensitive, demanding and time-consuming process, which requires an excellent knowledge of legal terminology, depending on the legal specialty and type of law.  Each type of legal document requires a different approach and all legal documents require excellent knowledge of the legal terminology.

Requirements for Legal Translation

Hence, legal translation is a very demanding field,  that requires fluency in both languages, excellent handling of translation techniques, in depth knowledge of legal terminology while the translator must stay updated with the ever-changing terms and legal matters.

How we deal with them

We overcome legal translation challenges thanks to a combination of skill in translation, critical thinking and precision that goes beyond the skills required to translate general documents.


Stages of Legal Translation



Once we receive your files, we proceed with the word count and evaluation of the difficulty of the text. Then, you get the best possible quote, so you can be served quickly and efficiently at the best possible cost.



Once you accept our quote, the translation process begins, where every word of any legal document we undertake to deliver to you, from the simplest agreement to the most complex legal report, is analyzed and translated with  precision and in compliance with the relevant standards.



As important as the process of translation is, so is the process of proofreading. We thoroughly check the overall quality of the translated documents we deliver as attention to detail is vital, especially in the legal industry, and is a core value of ours.



In case an official translation is required, we deliver your translated documents with the seal of the official translator certified by a lawyer.



Your translation is delivered to you in a timely and seamless manner, without any hassle for you or your staff, either in electronic or hard copy format, depending on your needs.

Legal Translation Tools

The translation process involves the use of CAT Tools (Computer Assisted Translation Tools), glossaries, dictionaries, and extensive legal terminology memory banks that Lectio Translations has built up over 26 years of experience translating legal texts of all kinds as well as ad hoc research on your document, so that we can ensure you about the fidelity and consistency in your translation.  

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