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At Lectio Translations we love interpreting, we have loved it since 1996 and it’s one of the best ways to make a living! This is why we combine

  • high ethics and
  • professionalism with
  • long university studies: all of our interpreters have studied interpreting at recognized universities for at least four years. They are members of Professional Associations including the Hellenic Association of Conference Interpreters (SYDISE), and AIIC. And, as with all professionals, excellent quality comes after years of experience which are accumulated long after graduation from the university.

What is interpreting?

Interpreting is the facilitation of spoken or signed language communication between users of different languages. The formal ISO (International Standards Organization) definition for interpreting is as follows: Rendering a spoken or signed message into another spoken or signed language, preserving the register and meaning of the source language content.

Language combinations

Lectio Translations provides professional interpreting services both in Greece or internationally and in any language combination: from the very common like Greek – English – Greek to very unlikely. Once, Lectio Translations received a request for a next day job in interpreting in the language combination of Greek –Swahili – Greek. Lectio Translations, was able to successfully cover the need of its client.

Types of Interpreting

Conference Interpreting
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Remote Interpreting
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Consecutive Interpreting
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Whispered Interpreting
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