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Lectio translations: consistency with 25 years of experience

Lectio translations: consistency with 25 years of experience

One of the issues businesses face frequently is that the documents that need translation are similar.  Why is that a problem one would think.  It would rather make things easier.  On the contrary, when they assign the translation to various translators, or even the same translator rather than getting a consistent result, they get a different translation for the same terms.

Consistency is a serious issue and a requirement for any professional translation.  Some companies think that automated translation  can solve the problem.  Based on our 25 years of experience, this may help in some rare cases, but a human will always be required to correct the, sometimes very serious errors.  So, a good and experienced translator will have to correct the translation with the risk of residual errors after it is finished.  Once a translation is faulty from the beginning it cannot turn out to be perfect, not even decent, when finished.

Our 25 years of experience have taught us that the best way to get the best results is to hire an experienced translator who must be an expert in the given field.  All professional translators, in order to achieve consistency use “CAT Tools”.  CAT stands for “Computer Assisted Translation”.  How does a computer help?  The CAT Tool is basically a software with which we can create our own database with all our translations.  When a client assigns us a translation on a given topic that we have handled in the past, we use the CAT Tool to research our database and use the same terms we have used in previous translations.  This is the way we achieve consistency within different translations of the same client or within a single translated document.

Therefore, at Lectio Translations we have accumulated 25 years of experience, 25 years of terminology in our databases.  This is why our oldest clients remain loyal.   For further information, please visit our website www.lectio.eu.