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Is it possible to be an interpreter and dyslexic?

Yes, it is… one day, I was working with one of my closest friends and colleagues, a self-employed interpreter, very popular in the industry and very good at the job.  During the break, we were having some bonding time in the booth, and we were talking about dyslexia and the problems it causes at school.  Well, she confessed that she was dyslexic herself! No, I exclaimed… I couldn’t believe it… it is well known (or believed) that people with dyslexia don’t do well with linguistics.  However, she was one of the best and more experienced in the field and totally self-made, no help from the parents who came from a small village up on the mountains.   Indeed, she faced many difficulties at school, but she managed to enter University where she found that she had a talent for interpreting.  Now she is an accomplished professional while having a very happy family life.  None of the above of course would be possible without hard work, persistence and determination.
This made me think about how many things our work can offer us if we listen well enough: through contact with both clients and colleagues we can gain valuable life lessons from the best role models.  For these people adversity is just one more challenge to overcome.  I’m sure you must have similar role models, please share their inspirational story!