Financial translation

English is the globally accepted language for business and most of the global finance operations are carried out in English and financial figures, balance sheets, financial reports are part of the daily business of our clients, whether they are pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, food companies, or construction companies. Financial translation is also vital for all companies looking to expand access to their services.

The demand for financial translations is increasing. Also, it’s not limited to large multinationals. Nowadays, it’s common for a Greek SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) to sell its products in the Balkans, the rest of Europe, the United States, China, or India. This is why our company has expert financial translators and reviewers exclusively working with financial translations.

Financial translators do more than rewrite content from a source document into a target language. One of the key requirements in financial translation, is that consistency in the terminology used. The best solution is to always work with the same translator or, if this is not possible, to have a terminology database available.

Another key aspect of financial documents is that they are almost always highly confidential.

At Lectio Translations confidentiality is crucial and all our translators are bound by confidentiality agreements.

Deadlines: Financial translations are often the ones with the shortest and strictest deadlines: a annual report must be submitted to the Board of Directors, a loan be signed and both the bank and the lender need the translation of the related documentation in such and many other cases the translation cannot wait. In such circumstances, it is essential to be able to rely on an efficient translation service.

At Lectio Translations we regularly translate: