Subtitles Vs. Voice Over

Multimedia plays a vital role in advertising and video becomes more and more important. We, at Lectio Translations, the experts in Translations and Interpreting, also have a long experience in Subtitling and Voice Over recording as both Subtitling and Voice Over require the adaptation of the translation in either format. So, in order to be correct and convey the right message, often times in an abbreviated version, they have to be handled by experts with a long experience in the subject and a profound knowledge of both the source and the target language.

The way we work:

You can either send us your translated script and let us

Or you can send us your content and let us

In order to decide whether you need subtitles or voice over for your content, please bear in mind that:


(+) Subtitles are a more affordable method of screen translation, as they require minimum infrastructure.

(-) Subtitles appear on screen with the viewer having to make a combined effort to both watch the content and read the subtitles at the same time.

Voice Over

(+) Unlike subtitles, in voice over the translation is better “fitted” into the content and is more user friendly.

(-) Voice Over requires a studio, voice actors and a sound engineer at least. So the cost is much higher than in the case of subtitles that are prepared in-house by our trained subtitling specialists.

Remember: You can ask for subtitles and/or voice over +/- translation

Finished product

You can have your finished file in any type of format

and storage medium