Remote interpreting

Are you having a Webinar or need to organize an Online Conference?

The experienced interpreters of Lectio Translations are ready to cover your every interpreting need!

What is Remote interpreting

Remote interpreting is simultaneous or consecutive interpreting using online videoconferencing platforms.  Remote interpreting has entered the scene a few years ago, along with the videoconferencing platforms.  But it is after the coronavirus (Covid19) crisis that it became almost the king in the world of interpreting.

Remote interpreting process made simple

The interpreter is not physically present at your event and both the interpreter and the client use head phones and an online platform.   

For clients who already have a desired online platform and the relevant technical support, we at Lectio Translations can help you and provide professional interpreters.

Most videoconferencing platforms offer the option of Remote interpreting.  Both the clients and the interpreters connect and the client can listen to the online simultaneous interpreting on the platform.

For clients who do not have the required technical infrastructure, WE CAN HELP!