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Welcome to the website of Lectio Translations, the integrated language solution expert established in 1996 and headquartered in Athens, Greece. Our loyal clientele includes leading   

  • Pharmaceutical Companies, Healthcare Companies,  
  • Real Estate Development Companies, Companies in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry, Consumer Companies, and Mass Media organizations.

Our fields of expertise include  

  • medical, pharmaceutical, 
  • legal, financial translations and translations for the travel and  
  • hospitality industry to and from the Greek language.

What makes us stand out?

Our clients are our partners and we do our best to satisfy them and keep them satisfied by providing advice regardless of ongoing job assignments.

Once you contact us you’ll realize that we know what you want because we have already offered it many times in the past. In the process we’ll try to serve you in the best way in the market and you’ll get the best results at the best price available!


Lectio Translations was established by Celia Papathanasopoulou in 1996 and its goal was to bring to the Greek market expertise and professionalism in the area of translation and interpreting. Lectio Translations started out in 1996 as a company specialized in medical and pharmaceutical translation and interpreting. Over time and in response to the needs of its clientele, it developed an expertise in legal translation, financial translation and translation for the travel and hospitality industry.

Also in response to the needs of its clients, it also offers services including voice-over, subtitles, and file processing. Each project is assigned to an expert professional. Our expertise and experience lead to the faster delivery of high quality services.


In the future, we intend to solidify and develop our client list to include leading international companies as well as to enter into long term partnerships with leading experts in our field.


We know how important time is for you. Whatever the form of the file that you upload or send to us, whether it is a MS Office file, a video, or a sound file, and whatever the service you require (translation, interpreting, transcription, subtitling or dubbing) this is the process that we follow and strictly adhere to: when you ask for a quote and upload your document, we immediately reply with a detailed form, including the cost and the feasible deadline. The deadline we provide is always the shortest possible – a deadline we strictly respect with the highest quality being our top priority.

Strict Confidentiality

We know how important confidentiality is for you.  This is why we sign confidentiality agreements with all our clients and vendors.