• Copywriting- advertising and promotional materials – We create dynamic copy to tell your company’s story and ensure that your products and expertise will make a strong impression on your audience..
  • Content Creation- websites, articles, blogs and social media – We have strong research skills and create outstanding original content with a good understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that caters to your targeted audience.
  •  Editing & Proofreading– structural editing and top-line proofreading of both fictional and non-fictional texts and books – We have extensive editing experience with a wide range of publications and an eye for detail that fine tunes your content to be consistent with English writing rules and standards.
  • Technical Writing – websites, instruction manuals, journal and articles – We specialize in composing materials to communicate complex and technical information to your audience.
  •  Transcription – typing – format conversion – Affordable, fast and high accuracy audio and video human transcription services are offered.  All transcription is performed by our experienced typists

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